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Rookie List - Golf Cards - By Player Name

My Definition of "Rookie Card" - a card that is readily available to be collected by the general public and produced or manufactured by a company that specifically made/makes trading cards. Mostly part of a "set" of cards. In many cases, the card may not be a player's true "First Card."


Cards/Players from 1981-2005 and their "official" rookie card

Ben Hogan* 1993 Fax Pax
Bobby Jones* 1993 Fax Pax
Gene Sarazen* 1993 Fax Pax
Walter Hagen* 1993 Fax Pax
Harry Vardon* 1993 Fax Pax

Adam Scott 2001 Upper Deck
Al Geiberger 1990 Pro Set
Al Kelley 1991 Pro Set
Andrew Magee 1990 Pro Set
Andy Bean 1981 Donruss
Andy North 1982 Donruss
Arnold Palmer 1990 Pro Set
Art Wall 1991 Pro Set
Babe Hiskey 1991 Pro Set
Barry Cheesman 1991 Pro Set
Barry Jaeckel 1982 Donruss
Bart Bryant 1991 Pro Set
Ben Crenshaw 1981 Donruss
Ben Smith 1991 Pro Set
Bernhard Langer 1986/87 Fax Pax
Bernhard Langer 1992 Pro Set
Bert Yancey 1991 Pro Set
Bill Britton 1990 Pro Set
Bill Buttner 1991 Pro Set
Bill Glasson 1991 Pro Set
Bill Kratzert 1981 Donruss
Bill McDonough 1992 Pro Set
Bill Rogers 1981 Donruss
Bill Sander 1991 Pro Set
Billy Andrade 1990 Pro Set
Billy Casper 1990 Pro Set
Billy Maxwell 1991 Pro Set
Billy Mayfair 1990 Pro Set
Billy Ray Brown 1990 Pro Set
Blaine McCallister 1991 Pro Set
Bob Archer 1990 Pro Set
Bob Brue 1991 Pro Set
Bob Charles 1990 Pro Set
Bob Eastwood 1991 Pro Set
Bob Erickson 1991 Pro Set
Bob Estes 1990 Pro Set
Bob Gilder 1981 Donruss
Bob Goalby 1991 Pro Set
Bob Lohr 1991 Pro Set
Bob May 2001 Upper Deck
Bob Murphy 1981 Donruss
Bob Tway 1986/87 Fax Pax
Bob Tway 1990 Pro Set
Bob Wolcott 1991 Pro Set
Bobby Clampett 1982 Donruss
Bobby Nichols 1991 Pro Set
Bobby Wadkins 1991 Pro Set
Brad Bell 1991 Pro Set
Brad Bryant 1991 Pro Set
Brad Elder 2001 Upper Deck
Brad Fabel 1991 Pro Set
Brad Faxon 1991 Pro Set
Brad Lardon 1991 Pro Set
Brandel Chamblee 1991 Pro Set
Brandt Jobe 1991 Pro Set
Brian Claar 1991 Pro Set
Brian Kamm 1991 Pro Set
Brian Tennyson 1990 Pro Set
Brian Watts 1991 Pro Set
Briny Baird 2002 Upper Deck
Bruce Crampton 1990 Pro Set
Bruce Devlin 1991 Pro Set
Bruce Fleisher 1992 Pro Set
Bruce Lietzke 1981 Donruss
Bruce Zabriski 1992 Pro Set
Bryan Norton 1991 Pro Set
Buddy Gardner 1991 Pro Set
Butch Baird 1991 Pro Set
Calvin Peete 1981 Donruss
Cameron Beckman 2002 Upper Deck
Carl Cooper 1991 Pro Set
Casey Martin 2001 Upper Deck
Chad Campbell 2002 Upper Deck
Charles Coody 1981 Donruss
Charles Howell III 2002 Upper Deck
Charles Owens 1991 Pro Set
Charlie Bowles 1991 Pro Set
Charlie Sifford 1991 Pro Set
Chi Chi Rodriguez 1990 Pro Set
Chip Beck 1990 Pro Set
Chris DiMarco 2001 Upper Deck
Chris Perry 1990 Pro Set
Chris Smith 2001 Upper Deck
Chris Tidland 2001 Upper Deck
Chris Tucker 1992 Pro Set
Clark Dennis 1991 Pro Set
Colin Montgomerie 1992 Pro Set
Corey Pavin 1986/87 Fax Pax
Corey Pavin 1990 Pro Set
Craig Parry 1992 Pro Set
Craig Rudolph 1991 Pro Set
Craig Stadler 1981 Donruss
Curt Byrum 1991 Pro Set
Curtis Strange 1981 Donruss
D.A. Weibring 1981 Donruss
Dale Douglass 1990 Pro Set
Dan Forsman 1990 Pro Set
Dan Halldorson 1981 Donruss
Dan Pohl + SL Card 1981 Donruss
Danny Edwards 1981 Donruss
Dave Barr 1991 Pro Set
Dave Eichelberger 1981 Donruss
Dave Hill 1990 Pro Set
Dave Rummells 1991 Pro Set
Dave Schreyer 1992 Pro Set
Dave Stockton 1992 Pro Set
David Berganio 2001 Upper Deck
David Canipe 1991 Pro Set
David Duval 2001 Upper Deck
David Edwards 1991 Pro Set
David Feherty 1992 Pro Set
David Frost 1986/87 Fax Pax
David Frost 1990 Pro Set
David Gilford 1992 Pro Set
David Gossett 2002 Upper Deck
David Graham 1981 Donruss
David Ogrin 1992 Pro Set
David Peege 1992 Pro Set
David Peoples 1990 Pro Set
David Sutherland 1991 Pro Set
David Toms 1992 Pro Set
Davis Love III 1990 Pro Set
Denis Watson 1991 Pro Set
Dennis Paulson 2001 Upper Deck
DeWitt Weaver 1991 Pro Set
Dick Goetz 1992 Pro Set
Dick Henderson 1992 Pro Set
Dick Mast 1991 Pro Set
Dick Rhyan 1992 Pro Set
Dicky Thompson 1991 Pro Set
Dillard Pruitt 1991 Pro Set
Don Bies 1991 Pro Set
Don January 1990 Pro Set
Don Massengale 1991 Pro Set
Don Pooley 1981 Donruss
Donnie Hammond 1991 Pro Set
Doug Ford 1991 Pro Set
Doug Martin 1992 Pro Set
Doug Sanders 1991 Pro Set
Doug Tewell 1981 Donruss
Dow Finsterwald 1991 Pro Set
Dudley Hart 1991 Pro Set
Dudley Wysong 1991 Pro Set
Duffy Waldorf 1991 Pro Set
E.J. Pfister 1992 Pro Set
Eamonn Darcy 1992 Pro Set
Ed Dougherty 1991 Pro Set
Ed Fiori 1981 Donruss
Ed Humenik 1991 Pro Set
Ed Sneed 1981 Donruss
Emlyn Aubrey 1991 Pro Set
Fran Quinn 1992 Pro Set
Frank Beard 1990 Pro Set
Frank Conner 1982 Donruss
Frank Dully 2001 Upper Deck
Frank Lickliter 2001 Upper Deck
Frank Nobilo 2001 Upper Deck
Fred Couples 1982 Donruss
Fred Funk 1991 Pro Set
Fulton Allem 1991 Pro Set
Fuzzy Zoeller 1981 Donruss
Gardner Dickinson 1991 Pro Set
Garrett Willis 2001 Upper Deck
Gary Cowan 1991 Pro Set
Gary Hallberg 1991 Pro Set
Gary Koch 1991 Pro Set
Gary McCord 1991 Pro Set
Gary Nicklaus 2001 Upper Deck
Gary Player 1990 Pro Set
Gay Brewer 1991 Pro Set
Gene Littler 1990 Pro Set
Gene Sauers 1990 Pro Set
George Archer 1981 Donruss
George Burns 1981 Donruss
George Cadle 1981 Donruss
George Lanning 1991 Pro Set
Gibby Gilbert 1981 Donruss
Gil Morgan 1981 Donruss
Graham Marsh 1986/87 Fax Pax
Grant Waite 2001 Upper Deck
Greg Bruckner 1991 Pro Set
Greg Chalmers 2001 Upper Deck
Greg Hickman 1992 Pro Set
Greg Kraft 1992 Pro Set
Greg Ladehoff 1991 Pro Set
Greg Lesher 1992 Pro Set
Greg Norman 1986/87 Fax Pax
Greg Norman 1990 Pro Set
Greg Powers 1982 Donruss
Greg Twiggs 1991 Pro Set
Greg Whisman 1991 Pro Set
Hal Sutton 1986/87 Fax Pax
Hal Sutton 1990 Pro Set
Hale Irwin 1981 Donruss
Harold Henning 1990 Pro Set
Homero Blancas 1991 Pro Set
Howard Clark 1986/87 Fax Pax
Howard Twitty 1981 Donruss
Howie Johnson 1991 Pro Set
Hubert Green 1981 Donruss
Hunter Haas 2001 Upper Deck
Ian Baker-Finch 1986/87 Fax Pax
Ian Baker-Finch 1990 Pro Set
Ian Leggatt 2002 Upper Deck
Ian Woosnam 1986/87 Fax Pax
Ian Woosnam 1992 Pro Set
J.C. Goosie 1992 Pro Set
J.C. Snead 1981 Donruss
J.J. Henry 2001 Upper Deck
J.P. Hayes 1992 Pro Set
Jack Kiefer 1991 Pro Set
Jack Newton 1981 Donruss
Jack Nicklaus + SL Card 1981 Donruss
Jack Renner 1981 Donruss
Jay Delsing 1990 Pro Set
Jay Don Blake 1991 Pro Set
Jay Haas 1981 Donruss
Jay Williamson 2001 Upper Deck
JC Anderson 1991 Pro Set
Jeff Maggert 1991 Pro Set
Jeff Mitchell 1981 Donruss
Jeff Sluman 1990 Pro Set
Jerry Anderson 1992 Pro Set
Jerry Barber 1992 Pro Set
Jerry Haas 1991 Pro Set
Jerry Kelly 2002 Upper Deck
Jerry Pate + SL Card 1981 Donruss
Jesper Parnevik 2001 Upper Deck
Jess Daley 2002 Upper Deck
Jim Albus 1992 Pro Set
Jim Benepe 1991 Pro Set
Jim Booros 1991 Pro Set
Jim Colbert 1981 Donruss
Jim Dent 1990 Pro Set
Jim Ferree 1991 Pro Set
Jim Gallagher 1990 Pro Set
Jim Hallet 1990 Pro Set
Jim McGovern 1991 Pro Set
Jim Simons 1981 Donruss
Jim Thorpe 1986/87 Fax Pax
Jim Woodward 1991 Pro Set
Jimmy Powell 1991 Pro Set
Jodie Mudd 1990 Pro Set
Joe Durant 2001 Upper Deck
Joe Jimenez 1991 Pro Set
Joe Ogilvie 2001 Upper Deck
Joel Edwards 1991 Pro Set
Joey Sindelar 1990 Pro Set
John Adams 1991 Pro Set
John Brodie 1991 Pro Set
John Cook 1982 Donruss
John Daly 1991 Pro Set
John Elliot 1992 Pro Set
John Huston 1990 Pro Set
John Inman 1991 Pro Set
John Mahaffey 1981 Donruss
John Paul Cain 1991 Pro Set
John Riegger 1992 Pro Set
John Ross 1992 Pro Set
John Wilson 1991 Pro Set
Johnny Miller 1981 Donruss
Jon Chaffee 1992 Pro Set
Jose Maria Olazabal 1992 Pro Set
Justin Leonard 2001 Upper Deck
Justin Rose 2002 Upper Deck
K.J. Choi 2001 Upper Deck
Kaname Yokoo 2002 Upper Deck
Karl Kimball 1991 Pro Set
Keith Clearwater 1991 Pro Set
Keith Fergus 1981 Donruss
Kelly Gibson 1992 Pro Set
Ken Green 1990 Pro Set
Ken Schall 1991 Pro Set
Ken Still 1991 Pro Set
Ken Venturi 2001 Upper Deck
Kenny Knox 1990 Pro Set
Kenny Perry 1990 Pro Set
Kermit Zarley 1992 Pro Set
Kim Young 1991 Pro Set
Kirk Triplett 1991 Pro Set
Lance Ten Broeck 1992 Pro Set
Lanny Wadkins 1981 Donruss
Larry Laoretti 1991 Pro Set
Larry Mize 1986/87 Fax Pax
Larry Mize 1990 Pro Set
Larry Mowry 1991 Pro Set
Larry Nelson 1981 Donruss
Larry Rinker 1991 Pro Set
Larry Silveira 1991 Pro Set
Larry Ziegler 1991 Pro Set
Lee Elder 1990 Pro Set
Lee Janzen 1991 Pro Set
Lee Trevino 1981 Donruss
Leonard Thompson 1981 Donruss
Lloyd Moody 1991 Pro Set
Lon Hinkle 1981 Donruss
Loren Roberts 1990 Pro Set
Lou Graham 1990 Pro Set
Luke Donald 2002 Upper Deck
Marco Dawson 1991 Pro Set
Mark Brooks 1990 Pro Set
Mark Calcavecchia 1990 Pro Set
Mark Carnevale 1992 Pro Set
Mark Hayes 1982 Donruss
Mark Hensby 2001 Upper Deck
Mark James 1992 Pro Set
Mark Lye 1981 Donruss
Mark McCumber 1991 Pro Set
Mark McNulty 1986/87 Fax Pax
Mark McNulty 1992 Pro Set
Mark O'Meara 1982 Donruss
Mark Wiebe 1990 Pro Set
Matt Kuchar 2001 Upper Deck
Michael Allen 1991 Pro Set
Michael Clark II 2001 Upper Deck
Michael Kirk 2001 Upper Deck
Mike Cunning 1992 Pro Set
Mike Donald 1990 Pro Set
Mike Fetchick 1991 Pro Set
Mike Harwood 1992 Pro Set
Mike Hill 1990 Pro Set
Mike Hulbert 1990 Pro Set
Mike Joyce 1992 Pro Set
Mike Reid 1981 Donruss
Mike Smith 1991 Pro Set
Mike Springer 1991 Pro Set
Mike Standly 1991 Pro Set
Mike Sullivan 1981 Donruss
Mike Weir 2001 Upper Deck
Miller Barber 1990 Pro Set
Mitch Adcock 1992 Pro Set
Morris Hatalsky 1990 Pro Set
Neal Lancaster 1991 Pro Set
Nick Dougherty 2002 Upper Deck
Nick Faldo 1986/87 Fax Pax
Nick Faldo 1992 Pro Set
Nick Price 1990 Pro Set
Nolan Henke 1990 Pro Set
Olin Browne 1992 Pro Set
Orville Moody 1990 Pro Set
P.H. Horgan III 1992 Pro Set
Padraig Harrington 2001 Upper Deck
Pat Perez 2002 Upper Deck
Patrick Burke 1992 Pro Set
Paul Azinger 1990 Pro Set
Paul Broadhurst 1992 Pro Set
Paul Casey 2002 Upper Deck
Paul Lawrie 2001 Upper Deck
Paul McIntire 1992 Pro Set
Payne Stewart 1986/87 Fax Pax
Perry Arthur 1991 Pro Set
Peter Jacobsen 1981 Donruss
Peter Oosterhuis 1982 Donruss
Peter Persons 1990 Pro Set
Phil Blackmar 1991 Pro Set
Phil Hancock 1981 Donruss
Phil Mickelson 2002 Upper Deck
Phil Rodgers 1991 Pro Set
Ray Floyd 1981 Donruss
Ray Stewart 1991 Pro Set
Richard Zokol 1991 Pro Set
Rick Fehr 1991 Pro Set
Rives McBee 1990 Pro Set
Robert Allenby 2001 Upper Deck
Robert Damron 2001 Upper Deck
Robert Friend 1992 Pro Set
Robert Gamez 1990 Pro Set
Robert Thompson 1991 Pro Set
Robert Wrenn 1991 Pro Set
Robin Lee Freeman 1992 Pro Set
Rocco Mediate 1990 Pro Set
Rocky Thompson 1991 Pro Set
Rodger Davis 1986/87 Fax Pax
Rodger Davis 1992 Pro Set
Roger Maltbie 1982 Donruss
Rolf Deming 1992 Pro Set
Ron Streck 1982 Donruss
Ronan Rafferty 1992 Pro Set
Ronnie Black 1991 Pro Set
Rory Sabbatini 2001 Upper Deck
Russ Cochran 1990 Pro Set
Sam Randolph 1991 Pro Set
Sam Snead 1991 Pro Set
Sam Torrance 1992 Pro Set
Sandy Lyle 1986/87 Fax Pax
Sandy Lyle 1992 Pro Set
Scott Gump 1991 Pro Set
Scott Hoch 1986/87 Fax Pax
Scott Hoch 1990 Pro Set
Scott McCarron 2002 Upper Deck
Scott Simpson 1981 Donruss
Scott Verplank 1990 Pro Set
Sean Murphy 1991 Pro Set
Sergio Garcia 2001 Upper Deck
Seve Ballesteros 1986/87 Fax Pax
Seve Ballesteros 1992 Pro Set
Shigeki Maruyama 2001 Upper Deck
Shingo Katayama 2002 Upper Deck
Simon Hobday 1991 Pro Set
Skip Kendall 2002 Upper Deck
Sonny Skinner 1992 Pro Set
Stan Utley 1991 Pro Set
Steve Elkington 1990 Pro Set
Steve Hart 1992 Pro Set
Steve Jones 1990 Pro Set
Steve Lamontagne 1992 Pro Set
Steve Pate 1990 Pro Set
Steve Pate 1991 Pro Set
Steve Richardson 1992 Pro Set
Steve Stricker 2001 Upper Deck
Stewart Cink 2001 Upper Deck
Stuart Appleby 2001 Upper Deck
Ted Schulz 1991 Pro Set
Terry Diehl 1981 Donruss
Terry Dill 1991 Pro Set
Thomas Bjorn 2001 Upper Deck
Tiger Woods 2001 Upper Deck
Tiger Woods 1997 Grand Slam Ventures
Tim Clark 2001 Upper Deck
Tim Herron 2001 Upper Deck
Tim Petrovic 2002 Upper Deck
Tim Simpson 1990 Pro Set
Tom Byrum 1991 Pro Set
Tom Jenkins 1982 Donruss
Tom Kite 1981 Donruss
Tom Lehman 1992 Pro Set
Tom Purtzer 1981 Donruss
Tom Shaw 1991 Pro Set
Tom Sieckmann 1991 Pro Set
Tom Watson + SL Card 1981 Donruss
Tom Weiskopf 1981 Donruss
Tommy Aaron 1991 Pro Set
Tommy Armour 1990 Pro Set
Tommy Aycock 1992 Pro Set
Tommy Valentine 1982 Donruss
Tony Sills 1990 Pro Set
Tray Tyner 1992 Pro Set
Trevor Dodds 1991 Pro Set
Ty Tryon 2002 Upper Deck
Vance Heafner 1982 Donruss
Vijay Singh 1992 Pro Set
Walt Zembriski 1991 Pro Set
Walter Morgan 1992 Pro Set
Wayne Grady 1990 Pro Set
Wayne Levi 1981 Donruss
Willie Wood 1991 Pro Set

Please Note: The Players Below Will Soon Be Added To The Main List Above. Thanks.

Len Mattiace 2003 Upper Deck
Chris Riley 2003 Upper Deck
Steve Lowery 2003 Upper Deck
Craig Perks 2003 Upper Deck
Kevin Sutherland 2003 Upper Deck
Peter Lonard 2003 Upper Deck
Matt Gogel 2003 Upper Deck
Steve Flesch 2003 Upper Deck
Darren Clarke 2003 Upper Deck
Jason Gore 2003 Upper Deck
Ben Crane 2003 Upper Deck
Alex Cejka 2003 Upper Deck
Jeff Brehaut 2003 Upper Deck
Andy Miller 2003 Upper Deck
Nancy Lopez 2003 Upper Deck
Annika Sorenstam 2003 Upper Deck
Se Ri Pak 2003 Upper Deck
Juli Inkster 2003 Upper Deck
Karrie Webb 2003 Upper Deck
Laura Diaz 2003 Upper Deck
Natalie Gulbis 2003 Upper Deck
Cristie Kerr 2003 Upper Deck
Carin Koch 2003 Upper Deck
Laura Davies 2003 Upper Deck
Lorena Ochoa 2003 Upper Deck
Judy Rankin 2003 Upper Deck
Beth Bauer 2003 Upper Deck
Shaun Micheel 2004 Upper Deck
Ben Curtis 2004 Upper Deck
Harrison Frazar 2004 Upper Deck
Hank Kuehne 2004 Upper Deck
Hunter Mahan 2004 Upper Deck
Zach Johnson 2004 Upper Deck
Joe Ogilvie 2004 Upper Deck
Grace Park 2004 Upper Deck
Reilley Rankin 2004 Upper Deck
Candie Kung 2004 Upper Deck
Beth Daniel 2004 Upper Deck
Rachel Teske 2004 Upper Deck
Lorie Kane 2004 Upper Deck
Meg Mallon 2004 Upper Deck
Sophie Gustafson 2004 Upper Deck
Jeong Jang 2004 Upper Deck
Suzann Pettersen 2004 Upper Deck
Jennifer Rosales 2004 Upper Deck
Kelli Kuehne 2004 Upper Deck
Dottie Pepper 2004 Upper Deck
Candy Hannemann 2004 Upper Deck
Aree Song 2004 Upper Deck

Brian Davis 2005 Upper Deck - SP Authentic & Signature
D.J. Trahan 2005 Upper Deck - SP Authentic & Signature
Sean O'Hair 2005 Upper Deck - SP Authentic & Signature
Ted Purdy 2005 Upper Deck - SP Authentic & Signature
David Hearn 2005 Upper Deck - SP Authentic & Signature
Todd Hamilton 2005 Upper Deck - SP Authentic & Signature
Karen Stupples 2005 Upper Deck - SP Authentic & Signature
Jill McGill 2005 Upper Deck - SP Authentic & Signature
Michelle McGann 2005 Upper Deck - SP Authentic & Signature
Stacy Prammanasudh 2005 Upper Deck - SP Authentic & Signature
Christina Kim 2005 Upper Deck - SP Authentic & Signature
Katie Bakken 2005 Upper Deck - SP Authentic & Signature
Stephen Ames 2005 Upper Deck - SP Authentic & Signature
Paula Creamer 2005 Upper Deck - SP Authentic & Signature
Patty Sheehan 2005 Upper Deck - SP Authentic & Signature
Dorothy Delasin 2005 Upper Deck - SP Authentic & Signature

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